Lucky Charm Egghead Poster LCE24POS1

These posters and postcards are unique pieces of art, meticulously crafted to bring joy and inspiration to your space. They capture the essence of the charming Lucky Charm Eggheads in vibrant detail. Created by Ugauga® Switzerland

Available in various sizes, from postcard (15 cm x 10 cm) to poster (A1, 84.7 cm x 60 cm).


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The Collective Mark of Ugauga® serves as the artist’s signature and stamp of authenticity on the artwork. It signifies that the artwork is an original creation produced by Ugauga® and is part of their body of work. This collective mark assures buyers and collectors of the artwork’s quality, uniqueness, and legitimacy as an authentic piece of art from the artist.

Each poster we present is intricately crafted from a unique portrait of a Lucky Charm Egghead Character, carefully selected to capture the essence of the fleeting moments we live in. With the use of cutting-edge AI technology, we dive deep into the process of digital artistry, ensuring every piece is imbued with creativity and distinctiveness. These tangible representations of digital mastery emerge as singular, unparalleled gems, each marked by the artist’s signature and a QR code, certifying their authenticity and lineage. Our journey is led by the Lucky Charm Eggheads, as we continuously evolve their depictions to reflect the spirit of our times through our exclusive fine-art posters. They serve as the perfect bridge between the digital and tangible worlds, inviting you to explore their universe of inventiveness and hope. More than just art, these fine-art posters are portals to infinite imagination, daily reminders of the endless potential that creativity holds. Invite a piece of the Eggheads World into your space, and let it daily rejuvenate your surroundings with its captivating charm.

Images on this Webpage

The Lucky Charm Egghead fine-art print images for presentation on this webpage have a subtle watermark throughout, indicating that they are web versions of the original artwork. Although not prominently visible, this watermark serves as a distinction from the high-resolution originals.

Spreading Hope and Happiness

At Eggheads.World, we're passionate about using our delightful characters and artworks to spread joy and make a global impact. Each purchase of our fine-art prints, posters and postcards featuring the enchanting Lucky Charm Eggheads supports various charitable organizations dedicated to the welfare of animals, humans, plants, and water conservation. These organizations work globally to enhance environmental sustainability and improve quality of life, aligning with the values of individuality and uniqueness that each Lucky Charm Egghead represents. By purchasing our artwork, you not only bring aesthetic pleasure and a touch of charm into your space but also contribute to meaningful initiatives that promote a better world. Join us in our mission to spread happiness and make a positive difference by bringing home a piece of the Eggheads World today.

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Lucky Charm Egghead Poster LCE24POS1
CHF 7.00CHF 36.00